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Game made during the Amnesty Jam, organized in Paris between the 29/09/17 and the 01/10/17, for the campaign "Brave" of Amnesty International

The team was composed of Judicael Abecassis and Youssouf Cherifi (Programming), Earl Desmet (3D Art), Sofiane Aït Abdelmalek (GD / 2D Art), Teninke Camara (Sound) and Louis Ernenwein (Producer, Writer)


You are the head of a local branch of a human right defence NGO. Your aim is to prevent human rights violation, by sending volunteers to the different points those violation take place.

Manage your team and their specialties, gain the trust of the people by saving them, avoid being shut down by the government.

Good luck defending Human Rights

DDH stands for Defenseurs des Droits Humains (Human RIghts Defenders in French)

Install instructions

Only for Windows right now


DDH Manager.rar 35 MB

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