A downloadable game for Windows

Game made for the GGJ 2018, which theme was "Transmission".

It is about cooperation between two people with access to different informations.

In this game, Eye, a deaf howl, and Ear, a blind bat, have been locked up in the dungeon of the Bad Bad Wolf, and must rely on each other to escape. The howl can see in a small radius and spot nearby traps, while the bat can hear danger from afar and "sense" the position of the unlocking switches for each room.

Credits :

Ernenwein Louis : Game Design - Programming

Ferrer Alexis : Programming

Krakowiak Guy-Vianney : Game Design

Le Ven Vincent : Art

Mazin-Saïdi Dylan : Programming

Perrichon Mina : Art - Game Design

Thanks to Luc Clavel for the sound design !

Install instructions

We only have PC versions at the moment. Other versions may be uploaded in the future.

No specific requirements to launch the game.

For playing this game, the player who will play the bat (blind) should have his/her eyes covered, and earphones, and the other player should not have access to the sound.

Depending of the version you downloaded, the two players will

- play with the keyboard (zqsd for the howl, and the arrows keys for the bat)

- with 2 gamepads

- keyboard for the howl and gamepad for the bat

Having the blind player playing with a pad is more suited, as he/she won't be able to see the keys.


PC_KeyboardOnly.rar 17 MB
PC_EyeKey&EarPad.rar 17 MB
PC_PadOnly.rar 17 MB


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Idea is fantastic, but game is short :d