~ Use WASD / ZQSD / Arrows to navigate ~

You are a pixie and want to bring sun flowers to illuminate your home. 

To do this, you have to travel to the distant lands of the Garden by walnut boat and gather the light seeds. But be careful ! When you pick the seeds, the source of light disappears and you you have to walk back to the boat in the dark and avoid the deadly puddles.

Be sure to take a pen and paper to draw the way out.


SunFlower_v1.6_mac.zip 67 MB
SunFlower_v1.7_win.zip 58 MB


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Me and my little brother lost many times, but we had a lot of fun. A simple but solid and entertaining game xD.

(I don't speak english xd)

So happy to hear you enjoyed the game !


Félicitations, trop mignon ce petit jeu, j'ai adoré !

Merci ! C'est très gentil !